Top Moments: Obama's Best Week Ever, Justified's Last Bite of "Apple Pie"

Our top moments of the week:15. You Can't Handle the Truth Award: After Dustin's past in the gay porn industry is revealed on The Real World, his girlfriend reacts in a completely predictable and healthy way: by shoving her tongue down the throat of her female roommate, Nany, in front of everyone. Either this is her weird way of showing Dustin her acceptance, or someone really wants to get into the movie-making business.14. Best Blast from the Past: Good Morning America's Robin Roberts throws Rob Lowe one heck of a curveball when, in the middle of their interview, she plays an old video from the '80s of Lowe with Kathie Lee Gifford.  As soon as the clip starts rolling, Lowe's jaw drops and the shocked expression on his face is too hilarious for words. He tells Roberts he's freaked out because it reminds him of his sons, but maybe he was just terrified by Kathie Lee? Read More...


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