'The Big Bang Theory' recap: Spy Gaming

I gotta say, The Big Bang Theory looks pretty great in high heels. For the first time ever, the women dominated the main story line from the word go — you can't get much more feminine than an opening scene in a women's restroom in a women's shoe store — and the result opened the show up to a refreshingly funny new set of comic possibilities. The episode also ended up driving home once more just how smart the decision was to make Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette full-time characters — and, ironically, just how dangerously little Penny has had to do since they've shown up.

Take, for example, Amy's scheme to take advantage of Priya's invitation to Bernadette and Howard for a double date with her and Leonard as an opportunity for Bernadette to spy on Penny's rival for Leonard's affections. (Get all that?) Penny pretty much washed her hands of the operation before the opening credits had even rolled, choosing instead to spend most of the half-hour fixated on a pair of shoes so expensive, "if I buy them, I’ll have to rent my womb out to a gay couple." She eventually did decide to play along, and suggested via text that Bernadette tell her dinner party her acting career is doing so well, she's about to shoot a movie in Prague with Angelina Jolie — in 3-D, added Amy, to show that the studio really believes in it (which only proves Amy's never heard of The Last Airbender). But Penny only got really involved after hearing that Priya and Leonard would be traveling to India that summer to meet Ma and Pa Koothrappali (so last week's semi-cliffhangerabout Priya hiding her boyfriend from her parents has been neatly resolved?), and even then, Amy was the one truly calling all the shots. Read More...



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