'Nikita' 1.21 'Betrayals' Recap and Review

Michael and Nikita are discussing how much time they have before Percy enacts his plan for world domination. "Whatever it is, if it fails with Percy's fingerprints on it, then he burns, and he knows that," Michael says. They know they need Birkhoff to help them break the encryption of the black boxes. She expects him to get a hold of the hacker, but he knows doing so will expose him for good. Then there's a now-required cute moment between them.

Where's Alex in all this? Being electro-shocked by Amanda. Percy arrives, and when Amanda tells him everything he needs to know about Alex, he is not a happy camper. Amanda isn't happy when Percy kicks her out of the room. He wants to handle the situation personally, because we already know he's not just that guy who sits behind his big desk all day. "Nikita has one of my black boxes and you're going to lead me to it," he tells Alex but she replies that she's ready to die. To the contrary, Percy says. Today's the day he saves her life. Read More...



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