'Survivor Redemption Island' Recap 'You Mangled My Nets'

With the last two ex-Zapatera’s sentenced to Redemption Island, most of the ex-Ometepe’s have yet to realize they’ll soon be eating each other. Or if they’ve figured it out, they’re assuming it will be someone other than themselves. Natalie has a bit of a meltdown, which she blames on hormones, but which Boston Rob sees as a foible of youth. Yep, Murlonio just keeps getting more fun.

TreeMail! Product placement alert: Today’s treemail is brought to you by Sprint. With a smart phone text message, the Murlonio’s are summoned to RI, and then told to check the videos on the phone. It’s messages from home. Tears are shed, especially by the young girls.

At RI, Steve and Ralph join Matt and Mike. There’ll soon be more people on RI then there are at the main camp! I’m expecting LaToya Jackson to be flown in from Apprentice! They are all pleased to see each other, and get away from the ex-Om’s. Matt must feel overwhelmed, being around so many people. So, let’s see. If two people have a duel, and three have a thruel, then four must mean we’re looking at a fruel, yes? I’m calling it a fruel, anyway.

The RI crew also have a Sprint phone, with messages. But they’re all guys, so only Matt cries. They then use the built in phone to take a picture of their happy little quartet. Aww. Read More...



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