THE VAMPIRE DIARIES “The Sun Also Rises” Review

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES "The Sun Also Rises" Season 2 Episode 21 - There are three deaths and a breakup this week, in what really felt like a season finale. In fact, as the episode ended, instead of being sad about losing Jenna, John and Jules*, I was trying to figure out what could possibly come next week. Given that it’s entitled ‘As I Lay Dying’, I assume it can only be an episode long search for a cure that will save Damon’s life.

(* Apparently having a J name makes you a prime target for an easy death. Watch out, Jeremy!)

But back to this week. Klaus broke the moonstone curse using Jules and Jenna. Let’s take a moment to mourn for Jenna the Liability, who was a liability up until the bitter end. Poor kid – she got handed two teenagers when she was only in her twenties, was mindfrakked by Katherine, and was kept in the dark about the supernatural until it came and bit her in the ass (you know, again). I really liked the character and hoped to see her get really involve in the storylines, even if they still kept the supernatural from her, but it wasn’t to be. Read More...


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