30 ROCK “Respawn” Review

30 ROCK "Respawn" Season 5 Episode 22 – The season of TGS is over and it’s time for Liz Lemon & Co. to break for the summer. Liz has decided to embrace her freedom with three months spent in the Hamptons, living like the real woman she has always wanted to be. Meanwhile the writers are holed up in the writing room playing video games while Jack’s mourning over the kidnapping and subsequent eloping of his wife Avery with the son of Kim Jong Il (or was it the nephew?) has him targeting Kenneth in a role playing game while Jenna tries to convince Victor Garber that she and her transvestite lover are totally normal so he’ll hire her for his ad campaign.

I’m not going to pretend this was my favorite episode of 30 Rock. Not even close. It’s not that it was bad, because there was a coherent storyline and it wrapped up the fifth season in a neat little metapackage, but the jokes seemed just off target, even Liz’s eventual fall from resident of the Hamptons to garbage picker upper (that’s the technical term I do believe). Read More...



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