NIKITA “Betrayals” Review

NIKITA " Betrayals" Season 1 Episode 21 - In a word, "wow!" I don’t know what to believe anymore. Everything has been turned upside down!! Tonight’s NIKITA moved swiftly and smoothly between scenes, and had an action-packed mix of drama and suspense. This episode even managed to put in some humor. Most importantly, each actor in "Betrayals" is impressively on top of their game.

Black box #3 is a trojan horse. Watch out!

Prophecy 1: Everything is about to change; get ready for a power shift. Percy is full of surprises and playing evil mind tricks. He completely takes a page from Amanda’s playbook. He started to suspect Michael when Michael agreed to back Operation Sparrow. He knew that Alex and Michael were working with Nikita, and that Alex is Alexandra Udinov. He was controlling the outcome of the mission in "Glass Houses." He wanted the black box to go to the CIA. All this and I had no idea! Were there clues that I missed? Now thanks to Michael, Percy can carry out what he wanted to all along. What does he want to do – kill Nikita? Is Operation Sparrow really only a surgical strike? Read More..


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