THE MENTALIST “Like a Redheaded Stepchild” Review

THE MENTALIST "Like a Redheaded Stepchild" Season 3 Episode 21 – Rigsby had a lot to deal with in this episode, not the least of which was his own father (played to despicable perfection by William Forsythe). You know, I think that most dads would be pretty proud if their son became a detective and dedicated their lives to helping people. Rigsby’s dad though isn’t so much proud as he is disgusted and uses every opportunity to call his son a pig and act as though Rigsby betrayed the family name by becoming something so detestable. It was shocking and insane and after a while I wanted to punch the guy and took not just a little pleasure when Rigsby did it instead. In the end there were no tearful apologies or discussions about feelings. Just a few punches that really did nothing except alleviate the most recent pressure, kind of like opening the top on a tea kettle to let the steam out. Other than that, the two ended the episode just as they began it, estranged. Makes me wonder what will happen the next time Daddy Rigsby makes an appearance in his son’s life. Read more...


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