'The Vampire Diaries': Sara Canning says goodbye to Jenna Sommers


When we were last on "The Vampire Diaries" set, we spoke with Sara Canning about Jenna's arc for the end of the season and her summer plans. Little did we know, she'd just learned that her character wouldn't actually make it to the finale. Last night, fans watched teary-eyed as Jenna turned into a vampire and, after making one last valiant effort to save Elena's life, was killed at Klaus's hand. We absolutely lost our cool during the funeral that the Mystic Falls gang held for Jenna and Elena's biological father, John. After filming her final episode, Canning packed her car and drove from Atlanta to Vancouver. She's already got more work lined up, and she's working on several writing projects, including a weekly blog for Alloy. Still, when the episode aired last night, all of the emotions came back to Canning. We caught up with her on the morning after, and while she's...



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