The Office: "Inner Circle" Review

In some ways, "Inner Circle" must have been just as challenging to write as "Goodbye, Michael." There was a lot riding on it. After last week, the question on everyone's mind has to be: Can The Office still be The Office without Michael Scott? This episode needed to demonstrate to a skeptical audience that the show could continue without Steve Carell, while also sending the character of Deangelo Vickers off into the sunset. It did a better job with the first task than the second, but I'd say that neither were accomplished with complete satisfaction. To be fair, a single half hour (less, with commercials) isn't much to go on, but I couldn't help but feel like there was something off about the episode. It was funny in spots, and the cast did a fine job, but this week – even more than last – it truly hit home that the show will never be the same. It was the new opening credit sequence, I think, that officially marked the end of an era for me. I couldn't help but feel sad all over again after the final shot of Deangelo adjusting his Southwestern doll where Michael's Dundie used to be (I wonder what it will be next week).  Read More...


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