Nikita: "Betrayals" Review

I've been pretty tough in my reviews of Nikita over the past two episodes, pointing out inconsistencies, weak premises and obvious gaps in logic because I know the show can do better. This week's episode proved me right. It was awesome. Like all of the series' best episodes, the aptly-named "Betrayals" was jam-packed with plenty of twists and surprises, but more importantly, every one was backed by hard evidence or a solid explanation. That's what separates this show from the pack - when it's on its game, every detail is perfect, every fact is cross-checked and suspension of disbelief is not really necessary. After what Nikitaand Alex have been through this season, I could never conceive of a situation that would make Alex pull a gun on her mentor. And yet they pulled it off convincingly. And they re-established Percy(Xander Berkeley) as one of the best villains on television.  Read More...


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