GREY'S ANATOMY ''Can't Fight Biology'' Review Season 7, Episode 4

This week's episode of Grey's Anatomy found Meredith and Derek receiving some hostile news about a possible pregnancy while Owen and Christina go house hunting.

When Meredith is told by her OB/GYN that she has a hostile uterus, she is really not happy. She gets over it enough to joke about it later with April and Christina, but I think it really bothers her that there is one little part of her body that is preventing her from carrying Derek's baby. Not everyone knows about the miscarriage, however April was there when it happened. Naturally, she has kept up on what is developing in that area much to the dismay of Lexie who feels left out. Her feelings fester even more when April, who has been living at Meredith's house, suggests a chore wheel since the men are messy. Lexie thinks Meredith will think it is a terrible idea and when Meredith thinks it is brilliant, Lexie's jealousy grows. Can someone tell me why all of these people are living with Meredith and Derek? It used to be just Lexie and Alex which seemed crowded enough. But now April and Avery? There aren't even enough bedrooms as I am sure Lexie can attest to since she is sleeping in the attic. I agree with Derek, that is not working out.

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