Cougar Town 2.18 "Lonesome Sundown" Review


Apologies for not getting to this sooner. I honestly forgot about it, which is sort of unfortunate because I really enjoyed "Lonesome Sundown." This is probably my favorite or second favorite episode of the season. It’s up there with "You Don’t Know How It Feels" for sure.

A few episodes ago, Cougar Town introduced Chekov’s engagement ring if you will, with Travis deciding that the only way he could keep Kirsten around was to propose to her. And although Jules insisted that she wouldn’t interfere and would instead let her son make the choices he needed to make, I was skeptical of that assertion.

Thankfully, the Cougar Town team was very aware of those skepticisms when the produced this episode, which smartly crafts a plot that pushes Jules completely out of the picture so that Travis is allowed to do whatever he wants, no matter the consequences. You could certainly argue that shoving Jules onto Bobby’s boat for the weekend while Travis plots his perfect proposal mood is kind of a cheat. Removing Jules from the equation means that she doesn’t actually learn anything about being more hands-off as a mother. But the way this episode handled those decisions was so well-executed that it ultimately doesn’t really matter, at least for now. Travis got his wish, his mom didn’t interfere. Of course, things really didn’t go how he played though. Read More...


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