Movie Review: 'The Beaver'

Movie Review: 'The Beaver'

I may be the only person alive who kinda likes the romantic comedy "Keeping the Faith." It's not a great movie. It features Jenna Elfman as an apparently irresistible love interest, so it's at least partially doomed from the start. And Edward Norton somehow got it in his head that 128 minutes was an appropriate length for a slight romantic comedy.

 What "Keeping the Faith" does that I admire, though, is that it takes a premise that seems like the set-up for a really cheap joke -- "So a priest and a rabbi fall in love with the same woman..." -- and finds a way to treat it more semi-seriously than one would ever expect or than you could ever have convinced anybody from trailers or promotion.

 To be clear: The Jodie Foster-directed "The Beaver," the film I've actually sat down to write about today, has absolutely nothing to do with "Keeping the Faith." They share almost no common DNA beyond their similar basic medium. Read More...


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