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1. Chuck and Blair

While it wasn't exactly the most interesting Chuck/Blair episode, I think that their relationship had been so well played-out in previous seasons that it doesn't really matter what happens now or how clichéd they get. Although, thank God they didn't get that cliché. The dialogue between the two of them was fantastic and their make-out scenes slash pre-sex scenes were hot so you really can't ask for more.

2. Jenny and Eric

Jenny and Eric didn't really have a purpose for this episode but they made do with what they had, which was trying to keep Serena's wild partying antics during the summer secret from Rufus Humphrey. It was boring, sure, but not dragging and they kept the plot going so there's that.

3. Nate Archibald and Bree Buckley

You may find it funny that I've included even Nate's last name but lately it's like he's not even a main character anymore and when we look at this couple's scenes and interactions, we're thinking "who the hell are they?". Whatever happened to the Nate in Season 1 who actually had a half-assed plot? Yeah, the couple is a little Romeo and Juliet but we'll have to see whether Nate's Grandfather shakes things up a bit with these two. On the glass is half full side, if they've given the best plot line and the steamiest relationship to other characters, than Nate and Bree are left with not-much-to-work-with and whatever relationship they share isn't pointless - it just doesn't live up to Chuck/Blair and to be honest, what could?

4. Serena (and Carter)

A lot of people are seriously hating on Serena right now (it's bordering on Serena bashing!) but I think while her plot isn't that well thought out, it's not half bad. Carter finally finds her father and they try to get in contact with him but apparently, Mr. Van der Woodsen wants nothing to do with his daughter and that has shattered Serena's self-confidence (especially since that occured right after Gossip Girl labeled Serena "irrelevant"). She used to be the person everyone wants to talk to and be with and she's not used to not being noticed. So she puts on seriously childish stunts to get the spotlight back on her. On the Serena and Carter relationship, I really don't see it lasting that long but Carter's hot, so there's that. I don't know why they're suddenly attracted to each other but we can only guess it's because they spent a lot of time together over the summer.

5. Scott and Vanessa (and Dan)

I get that Scott wants to find a way to get closer to his biological parents, but there are less freakier ways to do it. If I were Vanessa, I would seriously be freaked out by him. She's only known him for less than two months and suddenly he's telling her to do stuff and asking for invites to invitation only parties. The way Vanessa handles the Dan problem is stupid and kind of rushed but it's realistic to a point. Dan shouldn't have lied but I guess he just thought that Vanessa would judge him and he was right. On the subject of Scott and Vanessa's relationship, it's still too early to say anything. So we'll see about them.

6. Rufus

There's not much about Rufus in this one. His parenting skills are a little whacked with a hint of vulnerable with the way he handled the Serena situation but I guess that's a given as she's not his daughter and all. Yet. The scene at the end, though, when he pays that guy for all the photos taken of Serena, that was pretty sweet of him.


Not the most happening season premiere but it's not ALL BAD, is it? The highlights were (undoubtedly) Chuck/Blair and while a majority of the fandom may protest, Serena's storyline isn't all that bad. The downside was the plot line involving Scott, which in my opinion, is very freaky. Also, Nate and Bree, who's relationship contributes to nothing in the show. B- for good attempt.


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Oct 4, 2009 3:29PM EDT

WHERE ARE YOU, Little J? Did you even make an appearance in this episode? Only one glimpse of your fabulous (and adorable) blonde 'do? Jenny and Eric at the Woodsen/Humphrey palace kitchen, packing school lunches? How absolutely boring.
I must remind us all of how Momsen brought a tour-de-force to the last two seasons with Jenny's maniacal quest for glory and independence. GG's irony and sattire are what keep me hooked, and the comic-relief of last season really owes itself to the story of Jenny's battle with high-school mean girls and her struggle to find a place in the fashion industry. Certainly kept me entertained far more than Rufus and Lily's maudlin "search" for their missing son. I do hope that as the new season progress, writers will not lose touch with my favorite character on the show!

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