'Fringe': Take it to the 'Bridge'

Fringe closed out its third season with another peel-your-scalp-back finale in its final few minutes, preceded by an episode that tied many things together while introducing some new concepts. Oh, and also new hair styles, a new villain, and a new eye on Phillip Broyles.

Picking up where last week left off, the 47 year-old "Agent Peter Bishop" in the year 2026 was taken to the hospital after being injured. There we saw Agent Dunham — not Olivia, but her now-grown niece, Ella, who’s just been promoted to Fringe Division agent status. She was soon joined by Olivia; Ella is unsure what formal title she must use with her Aunt Liv, who solves the problem by saying, "Just call me ‘Boss’" — hmmm, Olivia has Broyles’ job now? Also, Astrid is a full-fledged Fringe Division agent as well. Less surprising: Olivia and Peter are married. (Kudos to you Commenters who said you’d spotted a wedding ring on future-Peter’s finger last week.) Read More...



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