'Supernatural' recap: The King and I

I briefly considered making this week's recap four words long: "Devastating. That is all." True and succinct as it may have been, there's so much more to this story.

I really admire first-time director Ben Edlund's choice in episode, which he also wrote. The time-jumping, dialogue-heavy episode was certainly not the easiest he could have chosen for his directorial debut. In fact, it was quite a special episode in many ways, a different beast, if you will. But I wouldn't expect him to take any less of a challenge. Thankfully, it was a rousing success -- in my opinion, at least. The only problem? How to give this painfully intelligent and innovative Cas-centric episode the breakdown it deserves. Sigh. Let's start from the top. (And I apologize for the organization here, but it was going to be impossible to go straight through it with all the time jumps and flashbacks. I had to improvise.) Read More...



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