'Smallville' recap: To Have And To Hold. Or Not.

With his wedding to Lois Lane looming, and with the end of Smallville just one week away, Clark Kent submitted to an ancient ritual that all grooms must undergo in advance of marriage: To formally make a break from his childhood home so he can make a new, adult one with his bride; to "leave" his parents and "cleave" to his wife, as Bible-believing folks like to say. A couple weeks ago, Clark gave up the farm. Last night, in "Prophecy," the last son of Krypton brought his fiancé Lois Lane to his other abode, the Fortress of Solitude, so they could inform disembodied daddy Jor-El of their marital intentions. Kal-El wanted his father's blessing. Instead, he gave them a test. Clark’s powers were stripped and transferred to Lois. For one day, the future Mrs. Clark Kent got to experience the power – and the responsibility – of being Superman, while the future Mr. Lois Lane got to experience the powerlessness – and the terror -- of being Superman’s wife. This trial brought an array of complications and dangers, and by the end of the day, with his strength restored to him, Clark returned to his Kryptonian homestead and declared to Jor-El that his parenting was complete, that he would no longer submit to his father's god-like guidance or play his destiny-shaping games – that he was leaving and cleaving to another. Read More...



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