I Am Become Death: The Ticks, The Mushrooms and The Key

Even with audio off, I was practically glued to my screen. I mean, who can blame me? We asked for answers, action and adrenaline, and ta daa! - Episode 4 satisfied my hunger, all right.

I've always been a fan of Sylar, but his sweet side is oh so adorable. The new waffle-making-power-bestowing daddy was quite the surprise, although I'm not sure I'd love too much of this compassion, I'm hoping my evil side will have plenty to feed on, I mean this season is called villains, is it not?

Peter was referred to as the 'bad guy' a great deal, however I'm yet to find anything to convict him. From where I'm standing, he's as good as he is now as in the future, could it be that Claire AND the religious flying man have turned to the dark side? Or is it just a simple misunderstanding? (Leading to death and all, but still, just a tiny little wee mix-up). (I hope).

When I first saw Nikky (or Tracy) in the premier I was mortified, it nearly completely put me off - then I started to like the new story they'd given her. I'm anticipating it'll pick up my fondness again next week, but for now I'm deferring it, thanks to the new romance between Nathan and Tracy. It was so bloody tacky! And it wasn't just the rubbish, obviously photoshop-ed swoop-in-and save-her theme either, it was the awfully terrible moment just before they locked lips. Pfft.

Last but definitely not least, my favourite part of the whole fiasco: 'Hiro, you son of a bitch!'. Adam Monroe, it was a dismal episode when he left us in season 2, but the hero of heroes is back. Oh Yeah. I'm hoping he's still malicious, but maybe he'll be forced to be maliciously-good, to save himself and the world, you know? Just a ponder. Har. Har.

I shall leave you with that tempting thought. Curse those days when I thought heroes had lost its charm, it's freaking electrifying!


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Oct 7, 2008 5:57PM EDT

Great review! I have to agree that the Nathan-Tracy thing is pretty ridiculous. The future with him as the President and her as his wife makes it slightly more interesting, but I'm hoping for more than that from this development in the "present" that will make it more worth our time.

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