'Firefly (Flashback)' recap: Who wants to see Nathan Fillion's butt?

"Trash" is one of three episodes of Firefly that Fox declined to air during the show’s original run in 2002. Those shelved treasures have since been seen by any and all who care via DVD and previous cable network telecasts. "Trash" brought back Mad Men’s Christine Hendricks as Saffron, the sexy silver-tongued scam artist who duped Mal into marriage and tried to sell Serenity for scrap. It also exposed Nathan Fillion's backside -- and nearly all of his frontside -- to the world: The opening and closing sequences featured Mal in the desert, wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Looking almost Thinker-esque as he sat on a rock pondering the skyline, the pants-deprived Captain Tightpants opened the show by saying: "Yep. That went well." Fillion's line reading suggested sarcasm. Fake-out! When we returned to the exact moment in the final act, we realized he was being totally sincere: The risky scam that cost him his clothes -- but gained him a priceless treasure plus sweet vengeance against Saffron -- had gone very well indeed. So much so that he seemed unbothered if not utterly oblivious to his nakedness. His shipmates were as surprised as we were to find their leader in the buff, but were more amused than uncomfortable by the spectacle. If Mal was unashamed of his nakedness, neither were they. So it goes in the ironic iron Eden of Serenity, where morality is relative, innocence is a state of mind, and snaky deceit is acceptable -- as long as you're not screwing your crew. Read More...



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