What happened to Lord Marcus and the Duchess?

Do I have amnesia or something? Because I'm almost certain that I've never missed a Gossip Girls episode. However, as I last recall we saw the British 'hottie' kissing his step mum, where Vanessa was a witness with a camera.

Either I have gone completely insane, or they've really forgotten about the storyline they obsessed over in the first few episodes of the show. It's absurd, and I'm overly intrigued to know what has happened, to the writers (Pandemonium?) and more importantly to the characters.

Tell me I'm right. Or just let me know that there's someone else out there, who also missed the part where they clarified everything. I know it's a little late, seeing as how they've been missing a while now, but I just didn't want to sound like an excessively excited child.


Those are my two cents, so shoot, if you please.



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Oct 16, 2008 9:30AM EDT

Eum... Didnt Marcus and Dutchess get sent back to England or something by the Duke...? Because of what Vannessa told the Duke about what Marcus and the Dutchess were doing.Thats atleast what Blair told Nate when she told him the truth about the Dutchess and Marcus.


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Oct 17, 2008 10:15PM EDT

Who cares? They're gone. thank God!!
Vanessa saw LM and Catherine in a compromising position and took a pic of it. She went to Blair for help with Dan's advice. Blair confronted LM and Catherine about it and blackmailed her into leavingand paying the Captain's debts off. Vanessa didn't think Blair was helping so she wen to the Duke and spilled the beans. The Duke sent his son and his wife back to London. And that in a nut shell is what happened. Good riddance! CB 4ever!!!

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