'The Amazing Race' season finale recap: Miami Nice

Rio de Janeiro is a lusciously beautiful coastal metropolis populated by some of the most ungodly beautiful human beings to have ever walked on God's green earth. It occupies a political and financial center of the world's eighth largest economy, and sports a classic emerging-world disparity incredibly poverty and incredible decadence. The Brazilian capital city is also the biggest movie star of 2011, with starring roles in the CGI animated film Rio and the steroid-engine ballet that is Fast Five, a film that I have recently become unhealthily obsessed with. (See here, and here, and here.)

The final four teams in this season of Amazing Race were all very, very happy to be sent on their way to Rio -- the snows of Western Europe had not been very kind to any of them. Team Globetrotter was in a particularly good mood; Big Easy joked with Mallory about how "Some of the girls in Brazil are men, so check the neck!" There was a minor bit of airline drama at the Switzerland airport -- Team Zinger and the Globetrotters both booked onto an early flight that would've arrived at 7:30 in the morning, while Team America and the sisters were initially booked on a flight that wouldn't have gotten in until the late afternoon. Read More...



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