THE BORGIAS “Death On A Pale Horse” Review

THE BORGIAS "Death On A Pale Horse" Season 1 Episode 7 – With only two episodes left of Showtime’s nine episode season of one of Europe’s most venomous families, Della Rovere has finally come into his own as a viable villain for Rodrigo Borgias and his clan.

Della Rovere has been a constant presence on the show, and one of its duller spots. His storylines, despite an onslaught of gory visuals, were just really tiring to sit through. The Borgias, arguably the main villains of their own series, have always been said to be ruthless and cunning, but the seriesnever portrays them as such, which is my main problem with the show. The antagonists they have "dealt with" have been one episode guest stars who barely get enough screen time to establish their characters, never mind poise much of a threat to the Borgias. This is where Della Rovere should have stepped in: he was the one constant antagonist; in every episode he was scheming to bring Rodrigo down, though how I never quite understood. Read More...


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