THE KILLING “Vengeance” Review

THE KILLING "Vengeance" Season 1 Episode 7 - We pick up directly after last week’s episode – with Stan Larsen driving Bennet Ahmed to the docks with the apparent intention of harming him in some way. But Stan leaves him be and later tells Mitch that he doesn’t want to be ‘that man’ again, the thug who he set aside when Rosie was born.

Linden and Holder spend the start of this episode trying to track down Stan and Bennet. This allows Linden another chance to talk to Amber, Bennet’s wife, who reveals two things: firstly, that she can’t carry anything due to possible pregnancy complications and secondly, that Bennet is studying the Koran with a man called Mohammed and that this man could possibly have been the one to let Rosie into the Ahmed’s apartment on the night she died. This seemingly nixes Amber as a suspect and gives them a fresh suspect.

Linden misses her plane to Sonoma yet again and Rick ignores her calls. Frustrated, she sticks around and decides to follow up on the Mohammed lead. This takes her and Holder to a local mosque where they are given a subtle lead – possibly an address where they can find Mohammed. They go to check it out and break in. It’s a meat processing factory, but they seem to find something of importance there. We don’t get to see what it is, however, as Linden and Holder suddenly find themselves being surrounded by the FBI. Read More...


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