CSI: MIAMI “Mayday” Review

CSI: Miami "Mayday", Season 9 Episode 22 – After last week’s episode of CSI: Miami got Bin Laden’d, many viewers missed last week’s episode "G.O.". So unless you caught the episode re-airing on TV, or were able to catch it online, hopefully you weren’t too out of it to enjoy "Mayday".

With no "Previously on CSI: Miami" recap scenes, or any recognition of the fact that last week’s episode didn’t air at all, we’re plunged head first into the exciting escape of Jack Toller (Played byBattlestar Galactica alum Callum Keith Rennie). "Manhunt" episodes are a CSI staple at this point, so I was interested to see what CSI: Miami was going to do differently to mix up the formula for their big season finale episode. As it turns out…not a whole lot.

With manhunt episodes being so popular among CSI shows, and all other procedurals for that matter, it really matters that you get your bad guy right. We’ve seen a thousand serial killers and gang members get chased down on these kinds of shows, even on this season with the Memmo Fiero arc, so you have to have a great villain to separate yourself from the pack. Fortunately, Callum Keith Rennie makes his money playing the creepy guy. Being a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, I’m used to seeing him as a creepy Cylon, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to see him as a creepy mass murderer. He played his part well, though, and that’s important for episodes like this. Read More...



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