BOB’S BURGERS “Weekend at Mort’s” Review

BOB’s BURGERS "Weekend at Mort’s" Episode 11 – My favorite animated family was back in a new episode of Bob’s Burgers. Thanks to health inspector Hugo’s declaration that the restaurant be shut down and tented for 48 hours to tackle the green mold that began growing on the restaurant walls, the Belcher family finds themselves crashing at Mort’s place for the weekend.

I enjoyed the way that Linda and Bob’s relationship was shown here. Bob is a complete workaholic and the minute that he has some free time, his idea of a good time is building a model replica of the bus from Speed. Linda, on the other hand, has her mind set on having a romantic "honeymoon" weekend with her husband. Despite Bob throwing on his hideous "lazy pants" and talking to the Keanu Reeves figurine, Linda is persistent. I really like Linda’s character and I like that she’s not the type of woman who just gets mopey about her partner’s disinterest. She dragged Bob out to the things she wanted to do and if Bob didn’t want to have a good time, she would have a good time without him. Read More...


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