AMERICAN DAD “Home Wrecker” Review

AMERICAN DAD "Home Wrecker" Season 6, Episode 17 – Tonight’s episode of American Dad hadStan and Francine trying and failing to prove the strength of their marriage by surviving a kitchen remodel.

As soon as they started talking about how great a couple they were, it was really obvious where Stanand Francine’s story line was going to go. They were funny when they were being annoyingly mushy with one another at the start of the episode and when their romance falls apart over little things like shades of white, or modern versus traditional styles, the Smith style of fighting just took off. Even if the things they said and did to one another during their separation were funny, I didn’t really like seeingStan and Francine bicker the way they did and I was happy when the fighting was over. In the end it didn’t matter that the first brick was moved by Stan’s pelvic thrust and that their house was destroyed in the process – all that mattered was that the wall was no longer between them. I think they underestimated themselves when they described their relationship as a frail rickety old bridge. We’ve seen them get through much stranger and more trying scenarios in American Dad than a kitchen remodel, but maybe they’re just not equipped to handle the average couple’s challenges. Read More...


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