THE AMAZING RACE 18 “This Is Where It Ends (Brazil and Florida)” Season Finale Recap

THE AMAZING RACE 18 Season Finale "This Is Where It Ends (Brazil and Florida)" - We get a two-for-one shot tonight as all business is finished in the last two legs of THE AMAZING RACE 18. The final four teams leave chilly Switzerland for hot and sunny Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, then Florida for a finish that surprises me.

Leaving Zermatt, Switzerland:

Last leg’s winners Flight Time/Big Easy are the first to snag the clue at 7:12am, followed by Kisha/Jen, and Gary/Mallory. Zev/Justin are the last at the box at 7:31am. Teams must fly to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and take a tram to the Escadaria Selaron to find their clue on a tile that resembles a route marker. All four teams make the same train to Zurich. "I’m with the idiots up there who are running." Love that Kisha/Jen run from the train to the travel agents. The Globetrotters and Zev/Justin find a flight that gets in to Rio at 7:30am while Gary/Mallory and Kisha/Jen settle for one landing at 5:40pm, but Flight Time/Big Easy have the worst poker faces ever, so Gary/Mallory and Kisha/Jen know something’s up and everyone ends up on the earlier flight. Read More...


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