BLUE BLOODS “Cellar Boy” Review

It was so said more than once in this episode that a murder is that much harder when you know the people involved. Turns out it’s not only hard when you know the victims, but the suspects as well. I think that the Reagans are probably one of the most functional families around that was glaringly obvious when compared to the family of their friends. Kids who murder their parents for the money and blame it on their strung-out younger brother, these are not things you would see from the Reagans.

Meanwhile Frank is fighting with the Mayor over the budget and refuses to run his department without enough money to make the city safe. I love how, unlike everyone else around him, Frank isn’t interested in the politics of his job enough to worry whether or not important people like him. All he wants is to do his job and keep people safe and even instructs his speech writer to stop thinking of swelling music when he writes for him, because he’s a police commissioner and not a politician. Read More...


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