SUPERNATURAL “The Man Who Would Be King” Review

SUPERNATURAL "The Man Who Would Be King" Season 6 Episode 20 – I know I’m taking a big stand here and y’all can hate me all you want, but I think this episode made me fall more in love with Cas than I already had. We all knew that Cas had headed down a dark path and, just as I hoped, tonight we saw that he did it because he ultimately wanted to do good.

After Sam and Dean end the Apocalypse, Cas finds himself as good as new again and heads back to Heaven to celebrate. Then he discovers that Raphael is the reigning king and the first thing his big brother wants to do is put the Apocalypse back on track. Cas is too weak to fight him on his own so when Crowley makes him the deal, he takes him up on it. Was it wrong? Probably. But was it any more wrong for John to make the deal to save Dean’s life? Or for Dean to do the same for Sam? Read More...


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