CSI: NY “Life Sentence” Review

CSI: NY returned this week in a hail of gunfire with "Life Sentence" (Season 7 Episode 21), the penultimate episode of the season. Although it felt like it should have been the season finale, it was still a pretty good episode that set up the actual season finale next week.

Unfortunately, the only person who was actually injured in any way from the attack on the CSI offices was "Wild" Bill Hunt, who we just met last week, and he was only injured for a few scenes before the show seemed to forget about it. It kind of detracts from the impact of the attack if nobody that we know got killed, or even injured. I expected a few red shirts to at least catch a bullet, so it just made it seem unrealistic that the entire office was virtually unharmed.

I loved Raymond Harris walking into the NYPD bullpen to file a harassment complaint mere hours after shooting up the labs. Clifton Collins’ portrayal of Jones really does elevate him above the standard CSI: NY bad guy. I guess there’s a reason we’re getting at least two weeks of him as opposed to the standard one week, standalone episode. I liked how he was calmly telling his harassment story to Don, and nonchalantly asked him "Shouldn’t you be writing this down?" Read More...



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