Oh The Finale Broke my heart, Groan, It really did!

Oh Man, This was the saddest event to happen on the show till date!

When Dexter killed his brother, I felt a pinch of sadness, but killing Rita and the way it was done, broke my heart and I felt so bad for Dexter!


To be honest, I really dislike his sister, whats her name. The way she meddles into everything and does the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again - I cant believe she can be a Cop, someone with a decision making capacity cant be anything. If they had killed her I would have been more than happy.

But with Rita, Dexter felt something - I know she was a bit nagging and stuff, and I wasnt exactly in love with the character, but I liked her because she made Dexter FEEL! S she didnt know what Dexter does or why he is always away. She wanted him to be around , which is a reasonable feeling from a wifes point of view especially with a traumatic past like Rita's.

And now, what about the kids, how will Dexter manage now. He already had issues dealing with kids, but with the loss of their mother, what would the kids do. First they lose their father and now Rita - Damn, that was a very bad move writers - very bad indeed!

I am sure, sometime later during the season, they would bring in another female charater, to fill in Rita's shoes somehow, but she was there from 4 seasons, who can really get to that level, I think no one.....Its sad, way too sad for me!

If any of you guys watch Criminal Minds, when Agent Hotchner lost his Wife, we felt bad a bit really as she was rarely a part of the series, but Rita was a the root character, without her there is always going to be a void.

I hope Dexter, gets to his senses and listens to Harry more often, and becomes ruthless. If only he had killed Trinity in the forest, like Harry insisted, nothing like this would have happened!

This is a tragedy, which I can never level with!


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Dec 30, 2009 2:23PM EST

broke my heart aswell

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Jan 15, 2010 1:44AM EST

im guessing dexter is dramatically affected and pushes everyone away including the kids... i assume they will make cameos... but end up living with pauls parents or ritas mother leaving dexter free to kill with no mercy.

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Jan 17, 2010 1:13AM EST

Well, thats a plausible direction, but I doubt that!
Dexter sees himself in his kid and he would not let him or the Rita's kids stay away from him! He would try one way or another, they, especially his kid, do not suffer the trauma like him.
But there needs to be a lady figure to take care of kids - So I guess a new love interest would be introduced, who is ready to tackle Dexter's kids responsibility, to be with him!
Oh man, for a dramatic finale, what wont the writers do!!!! I hope they know what they are doing. They have doing quite well so far, but to kill off Rita, I say again, not a smart move guys!

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Jan 18, 2010 5:21AM EST

I am in shock!Female role to take Rita's place most likely... Debra, sorry you hate her so much, I liker her but something still doesn't seem to add up for me! Did the woman who play Rita get onto a new show or something?
Dexter single father of three... serial killer. If this is how the show pans out I agree, bad move writers. Unless you have something fucking amazing you can portray.You will destroy this show. Needs awesome writers and narrative. fuck money on cinematography, props, lighting, ect. I just want a good ending to this tragedy...
Also posted something on the other discussion -"Why Dexter saved itself from being its own victim"

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Jan 23, 2010 11:23AM EST

What you all babbling about?
Dexter was way better back when he had no feelings.Dexter was way better when all he cared about was who he kills.Dexter was way better when it actually was about a serial killer and not a family story.
I miss Dexter season one and two was good still!

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Feb 7, 2010 11:50PM EST

Never liked Rita and the dynamic it created for Dexter. A new arc could be for Dexter to meet a lady more atuned to his darker personality traits - like the mad Brit.A fall out with sister and police colleagues as he battles with grief and new found freedom.Lose of custody of children.Dexter becomes more destructive in his behaviour taking bigger risks and ultimately making mistakes.I would like to see the writers planning to end the series on a high - say season 6.

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