'Amazing Race': The winners speak!

The Amazing Race had a surprisingly rocky 18th season. The notion of bringing back 11 fan-favorite teams who failed to win their first time around seemed like a great idea in theory, but in practice, the decision to bring back eleven teams that resolutely were notAll-Stars meant that longtimeRace fans just had to watch some teams make the same old mistakes. (Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: The Cowboys got lost in the cities, the Goths got lost in the countryside, Jaime yelled at taxi drivers, and poor old Mel White just couldn’t keep up with the competition.) Also not helping matters: On the EW comment boards, there was a serious perception that the teams were playing a game that was too friendly, helping each other through challenges in a strategy more befitting that other CBS reality show. (Ahem, Survivor.) Last night’s two-hour season finale featured an enjoyably competitive neck-and-neck race between some of the show’s best players. This morning, EW caught up with the victorious team to talk about winning on their second go-round. Read more after the jump (Warning: Spoilers ahead) Read More...



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