‘Gossip Girl,’ Season 4, Episode 21, ‘Shattered Bass’: TV Recap

Oh my little XOXOers, it’s the next to last episode and it’s like a bad dream. Or, actually, Blair’s bad dream. She starts with the prince and ends up in high school.

Last week, our Chuck lost his mind and got super drunky and told Blair she was his babe4ever. But she was still in faux love with the prince and turned him down. Chuck got mad and mistakenly cut her cheek and Nate saw it and was mad. And not mad because Nate is sleeping with Chuck’s ex.

Charlie and Dan are flirty flirty over candy and that classic teen incest novel, Flowers in the Attic. Wow, romance sure has changed. Charlie somehow cons Serena into helping her get access to her trust fund. And Charlie is on some sort of secretive medication which she dumps into a trash can. Rufus, after his required three sentences, finds the empty bottle. Read More...



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