Recap: 'The Event' - 'One Will Live, One Will Die'

Recap: 'The Event' - 'One Will Live, One Will Die'

The title of this week’s episode of "The Event" contains a major spoiler: "One Will Live, One Will Die." After last week’s introduction of a certain all-too-convenient antidote, it’s not hard to figure out which character will live. The reveal that someone will die, however, is typically a fairly big deal for a television series, leaving fans guessing as to who it will be. In this case, sadly, the answer is equally as unexciting as that time "The Event" promised to reveal that a major character is secretly an alien.

Last episode, Sean and Vicky cornered Alex, transporter of the super-flu, in a parking garage, but allowed her to escape in a scene that served little purpose beyond reminding us once again that Vicky really does like Sean. It matters little, though, because Sean memorizes the license plate number of Alex’s rental vehicle and uses it to hack into the rental company’s server and access the vehicle’s location through a tracking device that, apparently, rental companies had installed in all of their cars back in the ‘90s. (Wouldn’t it have been easier to say Sean was accessing the car’s GPS device? I mean, really.)

Sean’s computer skills now less resemble those of an actual "hacker," and more those of Penny from "Inspector Gadget." When inventing a new character to materialize for no purpose beyond providing Sean with some helpful information (whatever happened to poor Agent Collier, anyway? Or those two conspiracy nuts whose apartment Sean got blown up?), he can always just consult his "computer book" and learn whatever he needs.There comes a point where the show might as well quit inventing devices that direct Sean forward in his journey, and instead just have him declare that his "Spidey sense is tingling." Read More...


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