The Chicago Code Review: "Black Sox"

In a rare showing of real emotions Jarek Wysocki decided to be honest to the three women in his life, Vonda, Elena, and Dina in "Black Sox".

That being said, I am not sure I would want to be at a Wysocki family gathering for the next few months. But, we learned more about Jarek and the Wysocki family in these 42 minutes than we had from the entire previous ten episodes combined

The toughest truth to learn was Vonda's. It is really hard to find out that someone you have idolized your whole life turns out to be human. It’s even worse when they turn out to not only human, but also a jackass; as was the case with Vonda’s father who had been having a long term affair (cheating on Vonda's mother) at the time of his death.  Read More...


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