Newyork music business is a revolutionary digital marketing and promotions company that provides services to clients seeking exposure in the music business. Its headquarters are in new Hyde Park,, New York, US. Trackbuzzer employs less than 50 employees as of january 2009.

After several discussions amongst some of New York City's influential mixtape DJs and a long time friends about the direction of the music industry and the digital revolution, Joe "Da Boss"Gotti saw the potential in offering services to artists and labels who did not have the resources that were afforded to major recording artist and labels. Along with DJ Finesse, DJ Hpnotiq, DJ Love Dinero and DJ Onpoint was launched in November 2009,

The company held trivia contest on twitter to create a buzz for its launch and to attract would be clients. The company then used its resources in the music business to propel Trackbuzzer to the general public. A key addition to the company was Julian "jules" Salazar who assisted in designing a key client area where users were able to monitor their accounts. Source :