New 'HIMYM': Ted and Zoey Split

While it was already pretty clear that Zoey (Jennifer Morrison) was not the mother, it became official in last night’s episode, "Landmarks."   

I was very excited when I heard that HIMYM’s creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas wrote this episode.  Ted is said to be loosely based on Bays and Marshall (Jason Segel) is said to be loosely based on Thomas.  Bays and Thomas (pictured right) have written many of the best episodes of the series.  They have shown their talents with classics like "The Pineapple Incident" and "The Playbook" and powerful episodes like "Last Words" when the gang attended Marshall’s father’s funeral earlier this season.

The episode "Landmarks" centers around a hearing by the committee that will determine whether The Arcadian will become a New York City landmark.  Ted (Josh Radnor) had been torn between the girl he loves, Zoey, who was the driving force behind preserving the building, and his career; since GNB had chosen to build the new HQ he designed on the site of the Arcadian.  Read More...


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