'Hawaii Five-O' 1.23 'Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau' Review

This week's Hawaii Five-O is a perfect episode of how my brain gets ahead of my viewing experience. Common sense tells me that despite being exposed to sarin, Danny isn't going anywhere, because Scott Caan is a regular with a contract. This normally would ruin an episode for me, but the H5O team seems to anticipate that criticism and turns in an episode that is much less about putting him in peril and more about the case that leads our heroes to unravel.

We open hot, with Five-O trying to bust Wo Fat at a local house and ending up chasing Sang Min (Will Yun Lee, dressed ridiculously bright this week) instead. It's a pretty great opening sequence, possibly one of the best the show has had so far. There's lots of running and lots of shooting, which is fun to watch (but also makes you wonder who has to deal with all the shell casings and property damage). We see Sang Min try to cut a deal with Steve (by walking into headquarters no less), and get one more clue in the form of a service medal. If there's one thing I don't like about the furthering of our show's mythology this episode, it's that it feels like Jenna is just a little too helpful. She has the intel on Wo Fat that leads to the raid. She knows about sarin. She does her best Dr. Cal Lightman impression. Her having all the answers isn't going to make me accept her; she has to endear herself to me as a character and I'm not sure she does. Read More...



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