'90210' Recap: 'The Prom Before The Storm'

Is there anyone worse than Adrianna? While we once could get mild pleasure from her ridiculous attempts at becoming a pop star (along with a shameless reality show and ridiculous entourage), ever since she began hurting those she once cared about I can't even come close to justifying her actions. She's deliberately harming Silver's health and well being, and getting away with it because no one thinks to believe the girl who's been locked up in the psych ward.

With only one more episode to go, this messy love triangle is the most deserving of immediate resolution, especially given how Aid's lie that Navid kissed her led Silver to question his intentions and break up with him. (Snap out of it, both of you! Go with what you do remember, and most importantly what you know: Aid has always been the crazy one. Look back on three seasons for proof.). I know what I'd like to see right before next week's credits roll: Aid headed far, far away. I hear there are many more opportunities in the reality show scene in New York City. Or better yet, with Cousin Emily. "Adrianna in the Ozarks"? Now that's a show people would watch. Read More...



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