THE CHICAGO CODE “Black Sox” Review

THE CHICAGO CODE "Black Sox" Season 1 Episode 11 – Well, talk about your cancellation jitters. With The Chicago Code on the rocks, creator Shawn Ryan and company have thrown everything they can into the story in the last two episodes, considering that the future of the show depends on these final episodes. It’s kind of sad that it’s only in the last stretch of desperation that the show has become so freaking good. It’s like the writers went most of the way with the stories and then decided to leave the rest up to the cast and talented directors. In this episode they’ve actually given the cast meat to chew on, and it makes such a difference.

The crime of the week dealt with what first appears to be gay hate crimes and soon become a crime of passion: The victim of a hate crime turns out to be the perpetrator, a man who fell in love with a male prostitute, only to realize that the love between them was one sided, the other side merely a love for money. It was a good case with social depth with twists and turns aplenty. Read More...


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