THE EVENT “One Will Live, One Will Die” Review

THE EVENT "One Will Live, One Will Die" Season 1 Episode 20 - Given just how much the characters seemed to do, surprisingly little actually happened in this week’s episode. But it was a good setup for the final two episodes of season 1.

Sophia tells Jarvis that Simon has escaped with a cure for Martinez. Jarvis then covers all his bases, restricting access to Martinez and setting up surveillance on Sterling. Simon does come to Sterling, but they’re smart; they escape, thwart an assasination attempt and deliver the cure to Christina, who administers it to her husband. Will it work? The episode title may seem to suggest so – because the only other person in mortal danger right now is Leila.

Sean and Vicky track down ‘Alex’ and the lungs but they’re too late to stop her from setting up an aerosolized deployment of the virus in the ventilation system of a shopping mall. Thankfully, it’s on a timer. Sean ends the countdown with some nifty technical mojo (i.e. he shot at it). But Alex is already working on plan B. She releases the virus on a bus, recording the effects for Sophia’s scientists to study, and then delivers these records and the bodies to them. But the recordings show that the virus kills too quickly to be effective and the only way to slow it down is to have it mutate – inside a human/alien hybrid. Read More...


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