MAD LOVE “Friends” Review

MAD LOVE "Friends" Episode 12 – After dropping a bomb last week and telling everyone that she and her husband had decided to get a divorce, Tiffany drops another one on the gang when she tells them that she has decided to move back home to Florida.

Her decision affects both Connie and Larry, in very different ways. Connie has to look for a new job and starts working for a famous chef who is a royal bitch to her but sweet as a lamb to Kate. When Connie decides she can’t take it anymore and lays down the law, the woman fires her and, in a show of solidarity, Kate tells her they can’t be friends anymore.

Meanwhile, Larry decides to put his multi-pronged Rebound Retrieval System into play and claim Tiffany as his own. But he is caught off guard when she actually seems to be attracted to him and soon realizes that she’s too vulnerable to take advantage of. She really just needs a friend and – surprise, surprise – Larry backs off, not wanting her to get hurt. Read More...


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