HOUSE “The Fix” Review

HOUSE "The Fix" Season 7 Episode 21 - House thinks "The Fix" is in and refuses to pay Wilson after the boxer he bet on drops like a rock. He’s also fixated on a new and ill-advised way to try to fix his leg, leaving the team the team to bungle their way through the diagnosis of a scientist who has a seizure right after a successful bomb test in the third to the last episode of HOUSE this season.

Princeton Plainsboro is rapidly becoming the worst hospital around. Drugs go missing from a clinical trial and no one notices, the head of the diagnostics department disappears during work hours, ignoring his patient and no one can or will do anything about it, the rest of the diagnostics team is better at bickering than diagnosing, and the hospital administrator-in the thirty seconds we see her– is increasingly disconnected. Sigh. Read More...


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