How I Met Your Mother: "Landmarks" Review

This has been a pretty decent season of How I Met Your Mother. Storylines like Marshall's father's death and the return of Barney's dad have brought some heart-tugging reality to this often exaggerated sitcom and has allowed the actors to display the range of their acting chops. Of course, this season has also given us Ted, Zoey and The Arcadian, a trio with the power to suck the life out of any given episode. All three gave it their best shot last week, but the mixed drinks of "The Perfect Cocktail" still allowed for some laughs and some fun. But in "Landmarks," there was no stopping Ted, Zoey and The Arcadian. No B-storyline was going to lighten the mood. No sad guest appearance from Bob Odenkirk was going to do the trick. Nothing surrounding Ted, Zoey and The Arcadian could escape their black hole of unfunniness. This episode doesn't work because this couple hasn't worked from the very beginning. The character of Zoey was and is just a two-dimensional prop-- first as Ted's nemesis, quirkily married to an eccentric billionaire, then as a bland, uncaring love interest. She's just a means to an unseen end, and I'm starting to think that "end" has just been to fill some time.  Read More...


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