House: "The Fix" Review

Full disclosure: I was prepared to hate this episode, pre-judging it only by what I saw during last week's previews and the written summary provided by my cable company. I'm speaking specifically about information that would lead us to believe Dr. House had ditched Vicodin and moved up to heroin. At this point in the show's run, I felt it was a cheap sweeps stunt to punctuate what has been a less-than-perfect season. Fortunately, it was a bait-and-switch that revealed he was using an experimental muscle-growing drug in an attempt to get off painkillers, a positive step for the show and the character. Just a few minor issues aside, I felt this episode successfully reinforced just how demanding and frustrating the job of a diagnostician can be. 

Using counter-intelligence skills perfected over the years, (lying through his teeth, misdirection, and playing on others sympathies for the handicapped), Dr. House stole samples of an experimental drug used to grow muscles on lab rats and cooked up a few batches for himself. What was first a disappointing realization that Dr. House had given up and succumbed to the pain in his leg turned out to be just the opposite. Experimental or not, the new drugs were an active step towards getting off Vicodin and living pain-free. I was really happy with this turn of events. Even though he was a rude, irresponsible, stubborn pain-in-the-ass (and a borderline criminal) for the majority of this episode, that he's working to get healthy proves there's still hope for him. And that one of the rats died should only make this arc more interesting in the future.  Read More...


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