Stargate Universe: "Gauntlet" Review

Warning: Full Spoilers for the SGU finale ahead. It's over. The fantastic voyage of the Destiny has been cut short. We'll never know if it accomplished its mission, and we'll never know if its crew ever got home. Fans of the show are surely disappointed that things ended with no resolution, but as TJ said, "sometimes you just have to play the hand you're dealt." All things considered, this was as good of a finale as we could expect. It's hard to pin down the exact factors that led to SGU's cancellation. It could have been the dark tone (a stark contrast to the levity of previous SG series). It could have been the meandering storyline. It could have been the pacing issues, or most likely all of the above. Regardless of the reasons, this particular episode showed few flaws, and gave us reasons to recall just how much potential this series had.  Read More...


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Jun 6, 2016 4:44PM EDT

i can't fault the fact that sgu started off slow and without direction.but as the series progressed the characters firmed up the storyline coalesced into something substantial and with merit. it is something that i now look forward to seeing and like atlantis would like to see continue.

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