Camelot: "Three Journeys" Review

"Three Journeys" is an improvement over last week's litigation focused "Justice." The Arthur and Guinevere relationship is given some depth, Fiennes' Merlin is allowed to be a little more human and forthcoming while Morgan is forced to choose between her closest confident or the trust of the people. These "Three Journeys" provide a lot of strong character moments that were much needed. After learning of her father's illness, Guinevere sets off to see him and Arthur accompanies her. Guinevere and Arthur's relationship has been fairly one-dimensional to this point. Beyond what appears to be sexual lust, there have been no strong signs of an emotional attraction between the two. This journey sets out to establish that emotional bond and, to a point, succeeds. To Arthur's credit, he manages to keep his hands off Leontes' bride for the majority of the episode. By the end of the journey, their emotional connection is believable and the kiss is warranted. The same problem still remains however; Guinevere and Arthur are doing this behind Leontes' back. He's a man who hasn't done anything to deserve such deception. As someone who is supposed to be honorable and heroic, Arthur sure doesn't seem like it when it comes to Guinevere.  Read more...


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