'How I Met Your Mother' Review: Do the Ends Justify the Means?

I'm actually impressed -- no, wait, the opposite -- that Bays and Thomas could pen an episode like "Landmarks," the entire point of which (to get rid of Zoey once and for all) I fully support, and yet along the way found entirely disappointing. Perhaps that's the danger of attempting to send off a character with poignancy and drama when she never really earned it, and when we all saw it coming from miles off.

But our usually trusty How I Met Your Mother captains steered the episode even farther astray by finally pulling the plug on Zoey with a plot that was as unrealistic as it was unredeeming: For Ted, who desperately needs some redeeming right now, and for the lesson it so heavy-handedly attempted to teach us. Something about deciding which things you can stand to see torn down and which things you have to preserve no matter what. Even though Ted eventually came to the conclusion we all knew he needed to -- that his relationship with Zoey would never work -- his means of tearing it down were terribly problematic. Read More...



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