'The Good Wife': Sarah Silverman gives Alicia a lot to consider


Heading into the "Good Wife" season finale, Kalinda is sticking around, Alicia and Will are ratcheting up the sexual tension and we still don't know exactly what is with Peter and Cary. Let's see how we got there ...Case of the WeekMamie Gummer is back as Nancy Crozier, the opposing counsel in a case involving SideEncounters.com, a ripped-from-the-headlines take off on real-life site Ashley Madison. Side Encounters is run by Stephanie Engler (Sarah Silverman) and she is being sued because a man, Sean, used the site to set up a date with a "Cynthia R." and wound up dead. His widow is suing.  Awk. ward.The man was killed by having his penis severed in a hotel room while he was trussed up and had a ball gag in his mouth. At this point, I was sure it was the widow. Hacking off the penis is personal, intimate and full of rage. It's gotta be the...



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